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Mastering the Art of Client Testimonials: Tips for Interviewing Subjects in Business Videos

Tips for capturing g great Client Testimonials

The Art of Client Testimonials

In the dynamic world of video production, few things hold as much power as client testimonials. These authentic endorsements serve as a compelling narrative for your brand, helping you build trust and credibility among your target audience. At Indie Film Factory, we understand the importance of capturing impactful client testimonials to elevate your business videos and documentaries. In this blog, we’ll share invaluable industry tips and techniques we use to help clients bring out the best in their subjects and create compelling client testimonials.

Prepare Thoroughly:

Before the interview, research your subjects and their experiences with your product or service. This will make your subject feel valued and help you ask informed questions. This background knowledge will enable you to steer the conversation towards their testimonial’s most relevant and compelling aspects and less from marketing schpeel.

Create a Comfortable Environments for your Clients:

The success of client testimonials largely depends on the subject’s comfort level. Ensure that the interview setting is relaxed, well-lit, and free from distractions. Make small talk before the interview to help your subject feel comfortable and build rapport.

Develop a Narrative before the Testimonial Begins:

Rather than bombarding your subject with a list of questions, aim to create a natural narrative. Start with open-ended questions that encourage storytelling. 

For instance, “Tell us about your journey with our product” can be more effective than a direct “What do you like about our product?”

Active Listening:

During the interview, practice active listening. Give your subjects ample time to express themselves without interruption. Encourage them to elaborate on their experiences and emotions. This will help you capture authentic and heartfelt responses, enhancing the credibility of the client testimonial.

Be Patient and Empathetic:

Sometimes, your subject may feel nervous or overwhelmed. Be patient and empathetic, offering support and encouragement throughout the process. Show genuine interest in their story; they’ll be more likely to open up and provide a heartfelt testimonial. Also, ensure they understand that your first objective is to make them look and sound good. 

Ask for Specifics:

Ask for specific details about their experiences to make client testimonials more impactful. Encourage your subjects to share anecdotes, numbers, or any tangible benefits they’ve gained from your product or service. Specifics add depth and authenticity to the testimonial.

Capture B-Roll Footage to Support the Client Testimonial:

To make your client testimonial more engaging, consider capturing b-roll footage that complements their story. This could include shots of your product in action, your team working, or the client using your service. B-roll can visually reinforce the narrative and make the testimonial more compelling. 

If you find yourself in a location that is not conducive to Broll, ask your clients to provide some photos or other supplemental assets that can help you tell their story. In the past, we will also capture video portraits of people smiling at the camera. This can be a safety to cut away from the interview. It is also advisable to shoot using at least 2 cameras. 

Respect Editing and Privacy:

After the interview, respect your subject’s privacy by discussing any potential edits or cuts. Ensure they are comfortable with the final content before publishing. This step helps maintain trust and professionalism. After all, you may need them in the future, so keep that relationship healthy. 


Client testimonials are invaluable assets in your marketing arsenal. They can help you build trust, credibility, and a loyal customer base when executed effectively. At Indie Film Factory, above all, we aim to tell stories. Obviously, there is an element in marketing that has to be addressed with the videos we produce for clients, but our mission is always to capture the truth, no matter the product or service. Focusing on the story helps us maintain truth with audiences and ultimately helps make a better video presentation. 

By following these tips for interviewing subjects in business videos, you’ll be well on your way to creating compelling and impactful client testimonials that showcase your brand’s excellence. 

If you need video production support, contact Indie Film Factory today to see how we can provide top-notch service for your production. 

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