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Making Great Videos without going Bust

making great videos without going bust

A client recently walked into our office with a look of frustration. They’d just spent a small fortune on a marketing video created by a competitor, only to receive a bland, uninspired, and outdated final product. The video edit, clunky transitions, and poor pacing left them little to show for their investment. They realized they missed making great videos that effectively conveyed their brand’s story. Instead, they were stuck with a piece that didn’t capture their vision and had cost them more than they were prepared to spend.

This client’s experience is not unique. Far too many companies pour their resources into videos that fail to make an impact. With such a competitive digital landscape, brands cannot afford to settle for mediocre marketing content. So, how can you avoid falling into the same trap and instead focus on making great videos that deliver results?

Start with a Great Vision for your Videos

The key to making great videos begins with knowing what you want. Is the goal to increase brand awareness, drive sales, or build a community around your brand? A clear understanding of your vision helps you establish a direction and set measurable goals for your project. Create a storyboard or write a script to flesh out your ideas before production. This planning stage can prevent costly changes and communicate your message clearly.

Understanding the Basics of Editing

Find Source Material for Inspiration and Direction

Every great video starts with a spark of inspiration. Whether it’s a scene from a favorite film or a beautifully shot commercial, reference existing material that aligns with your desired aesthetic. This isn’t about copying others’ work but finding inspiration to inform your style. How other successful marketers use visuals, music, and storytelling techniques to engage their audience. Incorporating these elements into your video will help you find a distinctive direction, ensuring you stand out while making great videos.

Aim to Keep Costs Low while Making Great Videos

Producing high-quality videos doesn’t have to break the bank. Instead of spending large sums on unnecessary bells and whistles, focus on achieving clarity of message and a polished, engaging presentation. Here are a few ways to manage costs:

  • Knowing what you want: Whether you’re editing the video yourself or hiring a production company like Indie Film Factory, knowing what you want can help you save a lot of money. Access costs are often derived from the client’s inability to see a clear vision. They can waste revision time re-editing things, which will ultimately cost them. 
  • Using templates: Production companies charge you for motion graphic work that doesn’t always need to be completed from scratch. There are tons of great resources for affordable editing and graphic templates that can elevate your video project with minimal design cost, saving you hours of motion graphic work. 
  • Stock Footage: Use stock footage to supplement your original shots, creating a more comprehensive story without the additional cost of filming every scene.

Ultimately, making great videos involves understanding your goals, drawing inspiration from successful sources, and being mindful of your budget. This approach will lead to compelling content that resonates with your target audience while staying within financial constraints. Remember, your marketing videos should always reflect your brand’s personality, and with the right strategy, they can be captivating tools that help you achieve business success.

Well, I hope this helps. Enjoy your day, and keep making movies!


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