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Filmmaking Delusions

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Filmmaking Delusions

I think for many first time filmmakers, they have filmmaking delusions as to what a really “movie-maker” is. I was there once myself. I used to focus on the prestigiousness aspect of it. I visualized images of red carpets, drinking champagne on the French Riviera, and sitting in a chair on set commanding orders. Although this may be the reality for a few in our industry, it will not be the truth for most. Despite making eight feature films, receiving Emmy Awards and nominations, having a #1 movie on a major VOD (Video on Demand) platform, and being friends with some of the biggest producing forces in our industry, I have yet to drink champagne on the French Riviera, and hardly sit in my director’s chair. Truth is, filmmaking is a brutal sport. The delusions associated with filmmaking can really mess you up. Filmmaking is a career path that has few rewards, yet demands a lifetime of effort. If I were to sum up the real filmmaking experience in two types of jobs it would be a construction worker meets wedding planner!

The Key

The key is where to get started as a filmmaker.  My goal is to get you to stop, organize and refocus your efforts as a creative. I written other posts on the subject and it’s become my life’s mission to help filmmakers become more mindful. Stop wasting time with screenplay pitching events, contests, expensive film courses or festivals that promise exposure. Get a job, save money, and go make your damn film!  You can start by building your career one small movie at a time. Start small and build upon that first film. Make meaningful connections that can help you elevate. Think of your career as a video game. In order for you to advance, you have to actually complete a stage or level. Your first movie is that first level. Your second movie is that second level and so on. Each movie you make should get better. You should try different things each time, and venture out of your comfort zone. You should study the greats and work like hell to improve your craft. As I leave you I encourage you to check out my books on Amazon. They hold a treasure trove of information that will help you move from delusional to mindful. Thank you for your time. -K What Film Schools Don’t Tell You A Filmmaking Mindset Filmmaking for Kid

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