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We all tend to associate the term “filmmaking” with Hollywood, movie stars and red carpets, but filmmaking has evolved dramatically into a multimillion dollar content creator service industry that helps all sorts of businesses, individuals, economies and professions. Over the last decade, small businesses and major corporations alike have discovered the power of video. In addition to traditional commercials, companies are growing their customer bases with product videos, corporate documentaries, conference highlights, training modules, and more. With such a need to reach new audiences, quality content creation is more important than ever.  Where do I start? So, you have an idea, message, product or service you are trying to promote. It could be as simple as a new employee initiative that is designed to boost morale. Seems easy enough, but, where do you start? How does one begin the adventure into video content creation? Regardless of the purpose of the video, one should always start with this basic question:  How do I want the viewer to feel? Making an effective video starts on your end, with knowing how you want your viewers to feel when they watch the video. If your goal is to inspire viewers, find relevant talking points or subjects that are important to you, and your customer base.  (For example, a personal injury lawyer might want to focus their brand around making their potential customer feel supported and looked after in their time of need. They could create content based around displaying that compassion and humanity in their business.) If a company is looking to boost membership or attendance to a user’s conference, then the emotional context could be directed at making the viewer feel like the event is designed for them! In either case, the goal is to tell a story that will make them feel inspired, or motivate the viewer to feel like they need to take action.  What is the most effective way? So, what is the most effective way to convey and transfer a feeling to a consumer? How can we mold simple videos and clips into something meaningful to those who see it? The magic idea here is, Storytelling. Storytelling is the key component to building a strong video and it always helps to have a filmmaker, (a person who understands narrative storytelling) on your team. As a filmmaker and content creator, I have made comedies, horror films, drama, thrillers and even sci-fi. (Which, more specifically means, I know how to make viewers feel happy, feel afraid, feel anxious, feel emotions without them really even being aware that they are feeling them.) (This ability, along with the training to tell a story, has allowed my team and I to understand the emotional demands of people. Rather than a sales pitch, we are crafting something viewers want to see, something that’s useful for them and doesn’t feel like they are just being sold something. In the end, it promotes stronger brand trust, it makes you and your company feel like real people, along with boosting consumer confidence.  I hope that this helps you or your organization with your next video campaign. You can always contact us for production services, support and consultation through our website here.

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