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Film school is fantastic at teaching students how to use cameras and write screenplays…

But they fail to teach people what types of movies to make, how to keep budgets low, and secure profitable distribution.  Each year, hundreds of people graduate film school wondering how they’ll make a living in the industry. Many students flush out and go into other professions.

WHAT FILM SCHOOL’S DON’T TELL YOU is here to change that…

This new book is the perfect guide for any filmmaker, regardless of experience. This easy and straightforward manual can help you transform your cinematic dreams into a profitable business model, and make the most out of your film school degree. 

This book composes nearly 22 years of trial and error data and offers inspiring filmmakers an honest look inside the mysterious world of movie distribution and film development.

The Book is now available on Amazon. 

That’s all for now. Make Movies!


Kelly Schwarze is an Emmy © Nominated filmmaker who has written directed and produced 7 feature films, dozens of music vides and commercials, and has owned successful media companies in Las Vegas. 

Kelly also does one-on-one consulting for filmmakers. Click here for more details.

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