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Finding a Filming Location

A few things in finding a Filming Location for your project.

Ahhh… Locations are easy! We can just film here, right?

If you have ever had the daunting task of finding a location to film your video or film projects, THEN this post is for you! There are allot more things that go into finding filming locations than just getting permission or locking down that remarkable mental hospital, prison, or desolate wasteland for your horror flick.

Locations can be tricky, expensive and highly susceptible to liability. But regardless if you have a professional location manager, or are DIY’n it for your first film, there are a few basic tips that can help make your start better time spent.

In today’s video, I discuss a few particulars in helping you choose a perfect filming location, (if there is such a thing). That said, this video is assuming that you have already taken the necessary steps to get permission, permits and insurance for shooting your scenes, or have established a dialog with your prospected location contact. If you haven’t done any of these things yet, then you may want to check out my previous post on locations:

Now a disclaimer here: Gorilla Filmmaking may seem like a good idea, but you can place yourself personally liable for anything that happens. You can have equipment taken, you can be sued or prosecuted, and worst of all, people can get hurt. So make sure you do this part right. 

Still with me? In today’s video, I discuss a few basics, post-approval from a location.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post. Best of luck. Happy filming!

-Kelly Schwarze


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Kelly Schwarze is an Emmy © Nominated filmmaker who has written directed and produced 6 feature films, dozens of music vides and commercials, and has owned successful media companies in Las Vegas. 

Kelly also does one-on-one consulting for filmmakers. Click here for more details.


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