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Filmmaker 60 with Alberto Triana

In this Filmmaker 60, Alberto Triana, creator of World According to Ninja, offers a little intel on what it takes to start your own animated web series.

So what does it take to get started in animation?

Like film it’s a very collaborative art. Everyone plays their part to find out what everyone can do, what your talents are.

You have to look at it and break it down, you departmentalize things. You have your animators, you have your background artists, you obviously have your writers, directors, like you do like a film.

The software that you can use for animation, there are various kinds, it depends whether you are looking at 2D animation, 3D animation.

For 2D animation there is Toon-Boom software which is really good. You can actually do stuff in Photoshop, After Effects, they have the capabilities to do more traditional type animation an puppeteering animation.

What I like about it as a director is that I have complete creative control of what I am seeing. The only limitation is your imagination and that is probably the biggest thing that I love about animation.

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