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Filmmaker 60 with Kelly Schwarze

In the first episode of our new video series, director Kelly Schwarze describes his experiences in the industry – in under 60 seconds!

I guess for me the most important aspect of film directing is just knowing what it is that you want. Having a clear decisive picture of what the film should look like, how the actors should perform and all those good things. I think a lot of your work should be done before you even get to the location, and by the time you get to the location you should know exactly where you want to go.

For me I’ve always associated being on a movie set as a director, it’s kind of like being dropped in the middle of a hungry wolf pack. if you show the slightest bit of indecision or fear or misdirection, you’re going to get torn apart by those wolves. Those wolves are going to tear you apart. So my opinion to any director who’s doing it for the first time is really just had a game plan, know what it is that you want and if you don’t know, fake it.

Check back for more videos from local filmmakers.

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