Production Studio Rentals

Production Studio & Green Screen Rentals

  • Green screen studio in Las Vegas

Over the last 12 years, our production studio has hosted major TV shows, video crews and indie film productions. Despite its modest size, Indie Film Factory offers a versatile filming environment for most productions and applications. 

The studio is 1300 sqft and is fully air conditioned (no swamp-cooling).
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We offer high speed wifi and plenty of parking. Located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and Convention Center, Indie Film Factory has four main shooting areas:

  1. Hard Cyc Green Screen (22′ wide by 15′ tall)
  2. Hard Cyc Infinity white cyc wall (18′ wide by 15′ tall)
  3. Photo brick wall
  4. Lounge Look / Office Loft Set

Additionally, we have several fabric backdrops and color paper rolls available. The stage is insulated with black soundproofing carpet and can easily be used for BLACK OUT backgrounds. 


Making things easier for you

As filmmakers ourselves, we understand the challenges of producing content. To make things simpler, our rentals include a list of the following:

  1. Various furniture pieces from black leather arm chairs to a golden throne. 
  2. Private Makeup and Vanity Area
  3. Complete Grip and Lighting (8 LED daylight 500 panels, two softbox kits, C-Stands, Stingers, Apple Boxes, and Sandbags, blackouts and reflectors (floppies)
  4. Moveable wardrobe rack
  5. Moveable filming flats. (Great for set extensions and practical sets)

We are a no-smoking facility and maintain a clean and sanitized production studio. Our cyc walls are painted regularly to insure the best loom for your shoot. 

Other Items

  • Absolutely no adult content allowed.
  • No drugs, smoking or alcohol allowed.
  • No live firearms allowed.Weapons of any kind are restricted and must be approved by us.
  • No pyrotechnics or explosives allowed.
  • All filming must happen within the studio (no filming in the parking lot).
  • No animals allowed
  • Music Video shoots must happen after 6pm Monday-Friday, or on the weekends
  • Client releases all liability of Indie Film Factory, LLC for their production

Rental Terms 

It is the responsibility of the rental client to make contact with the studio coordinator within 24 hours, via the contact information sent upon booking. Once the rental client is at the location, they must contact the studio coordinator (using the information provided upon booking) to gain entry to the studio – AND – upon wrapping up and departure, so that the studio can be properly locked up and secured (and to avoid any additional fees).

Cleaning and Damages

Cleaning fee is included in the hourly rate, although guests are expected to leave the space in the same condition as they found it in. Guests must respect the space and we ask/appreciate that guests tidy up after themselves. Guest must remove any equipment or rentals you bring in, and you should factor this setup and wrap-up time in your booking hours.

Please take great care of our space. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items should be used on our walls. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly removed. 


Studio Rental Rates 2022

Half Day Rentals: $375 (1-5 hours)
Full Day Rentals : $475 (5-10 hours)