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Filmmaking is one of the most challenging career endeavors you can voluntarily undertake…

But don’t fret, our filmmaking consulting service, “Make Movie” is here to guide you through the process. That said, we still have to face a few facts. The success rate of most independent films today is less than 1%. That means that 99% of the projects being made today won’t make an ROI, let alone their money back. “Have you ever thought of running for president?” Some say it is easier.

The reason for this is because the movie business is a subjective and speculative industry. The demand for movies is based on audience familiarity. A film’s value is also generally calculated on its budget and talent. This has given a few selected powers within the business the control over what we watch and how content is delivered.

The good news is however, that there has never been an easier and/or cheaper time to make a movie. Showcasing your talents is as close as a click away. Technology and distribution tools have given “some” of the power back to the filmmaker… And we emphasize the word “some”…

Although economics, budget-ranges and the marketplace for independent movies have changed since the days of “Blair Witch”, one thing still remains the same; preparation, readiness and a having some game plan in order can greatly reduce your chances of complete disaster. This is where a consultant can be of value. So let’s get started…

Welcome to the world of independent filmmaking! Welcome to “Make Movie!”

“Make Movie” is a low-cost consulting service presented by the Indie Film Factory, and hosted by award-winning filmmaker Kelly Schwarze.

One of the main goals of this service, is to help filmmakers make better choices for the types of projects that they’re wanting to make, create long-term goals for their careers, and ultimately have a plan for ROI. There are plenty of misconceptions about the movie business, but one thing is absolutely certain, ”there is no easy way or fast track to becoming successful in this industry!” It takes years of hard work, perseverance, and absolute craziness to carve out something positive for yourself. This is a lifestyle choice more so than a career path.


Filmmaker Kelly Schwarze is an Emmy Nominated filmmaker, who has written, directed and co-financed six feature films and a TV documentary. He has directed scores of music videos, commercials and other visual and advertorial projects.  His insights on the industry are based on practical real world application, and he has become the leading voice in micro budget filmmaking in his home state of Nevada.

Kelly has learned how to maximize production value while maintaining the smallest possible level of expense. His movies have been seen on Netflix and Amazon, sold in major retailers including Walmart, and distributed internationally in over twenty languages.  Kelly has also helped hundreds of local filmmakers in his community, through workshops and other educational programs. Moreover, he is a film producing instructor at the College of Southern Nevada.  On top of it all, Kelly is currently shooting a new feature narrative and documentary.

How “Make Movie” works. K.I.S.S.

We like keeping things simple at the Indie Film Factory, so take a deep sigh of relief knowing that you can afford this! Plus, because Kelly is a working filmmaker, he understands that simplicity is the true key to success.

There is a one time initial fee of $85.
This initial consultation includes two hours of one-on-one with Kelly, and a goal outline evaluation for your project or career path.

After that, we will create a plan that makes sense for your goals and pocketbook. If you are satisfied with the initial consultation, and do not feel the need for further advice, then that’s it. No strings attached. We understand that not all projects are meant to be the same, and that is why we are flexible and easy. We work at your pace and comfort level. 

What “Make Movie” can we do for you? 

Our consulting services range from: 

We can also assist with getting permits, building your crew and finding the appropriate legal and insurance representation for your projects.

Why do I need a film consultant?

Well, technically you don’t. You are more than welcome to go out on your own and learn firsthand the does and don’ts of the industry. However, if you would like the save time, money and headache, we encourage you to take advantage of this low cost service.

What if I’m not in Las Vegas to meet up with Kelly?

Although our studio is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and we always recommend meeting in person, Kelly also offers consultation via phone conference, or Skype.

If you are interested in our consulting services, please contact us by filling out our contact form. You may also reach us by phone at 702.763.7369.

We look forward to hearing from you!