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Get ready to soak up the wisdom of Emmy Award ® Recipient filmmaker Kelly Schwarze through his fantastic collection of filmmaking books. These books cover everything you need about film distribution, production management, and development, giving you the inside scoop on the indie film business.


There is a myth in the movie business that making it in Hollywood is the only path to success. What if there was a different way? What if you could circumnavigate all the fuss dealing with egocentric talent, rejection from agents, or waiting for a studio to give you that big break? What if you could make your movies without investors or deep pockets of cash? What if you stopped having to ask for permission? The truth is you can! Hundreds of filmmakers are already reimagining our industry, and the scales are tipping in our direction! A Filmmaking Mindset is the perfect jumpstart to developing new thinking for the indie filmmaker. This book is designed to offer step-by-step instructions on achieving long-term career success without waiting for permission from Hollywood or investors. A bright and vibrant world of independent filmmaking is yet to be conquered, and the time to think differently is now! Think with a filmmaking mindset!


Film schools are fantastic at teaching students how to use cameras and write screenplays, but they fail to teach people what types of movies to make, how to keep your budget low and secure profitable distribution. Hundreds of people graduate from film studies programs each year, wondering how they’ll make a living in the industry. Many students flush out and go into other professions. This book is here to change that…What Film Schools Don’t Tell You is the perfect guide for any filmmaker, regardless of experience. This easy and straightforward manual can help you transform your cinematic dreams into a profitable business model.


Filmmaking is more than just picking up a camera or phone and shooting video. The true art of filmmaking is about understanding the process of telling a story through a visual form. Filmmaking for Kids is a step-by-step activity book to help parents introduce their children to the art of filmmaking and movie creation. This book offers steps to create fun characters, develop an incredible story, and adequately film and edit their video. The text also includes educational tips to help parents and teachers explain each part of the process, so children can comprehend. Filmmaking for Kids is perfect for children ages 8-12.


Have you ever had an idea for a film or need to write down your creative ideas? Well, The Filmmaker’s Creative Journal is a great companion while on the go, watching movies and jotting down ideas. The journal is a hardbound writing notebook with an approximate size of 6×9 inches and 200 pages. It can easily fit in a backpack or small handbag. It’s perfect for those brainstorming sessions with the crew, taking notes in film school class, or simply bringing with you on set. This is also an excellent gift for those aspiring screenwriters, directors, and producers.

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