New Books on filmmaking and distribution – What Film Schools Don’t Tell You

There are lots of books on filmmaking and distribution, but this new book is taking the indie film industry by storm.

The success rate film distribution for most independent film endeavors is less than 1%. That means that 99% of the projects being made today won’t make an ROI, let alone their money back. “Have you ever thought of running for president?” Some say it is easier.

The new book on filmmaking and distribution “What Film Schools Don’t Tell You” is a step-by-step guide to help you win as a independent filmmaker.

Most filmmakers do not understand how the movie business works.  This especially true when it comes to film distribution. Sadly, most books on filmmaking and distribution fail to teach the practical business of the trade. Moreover, film studies and film school programs fail to empathize the importance of understanding film distribution. Film schools are fantastic at teaching students how to use cameras and write screenplays. However,  they fail to teach people what types of movies to make, how to keep budgets low, and how to secure profitable distribution.  Each year, hundreds of people graduate from film studies programs wondering how they’ll make a living in the industry. Many students flush out and go into other professions.

This book is here to change that…

What Film Schools Don’t Tell You is the perfect guide for any filmmaker, regardless of experience. This straightforward manual can help you transform your cinematic dreams into a profitable business model.

This book covers: 

“What Film Schools Don’t Tell You”
is now available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. 

“A Filmmaking Mindset”
is now available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book. 

books on filmmaking and distribution

About the Author

books on filmmaking and distribution

For over twenty years, Filmmaker Kelly Schwarze has worked at finding a practical way for indie filmmakers to succeed. As an Emmy © Nominated filmmaker with seven feature films, and several short documentaries, he has put his experience into this text. The main goal of this book is to offer filmmakers a guide book for how to produce smarter content, and negotiate the best distribution deals for themselves.

Kelly has learned how to maximize production value while maintaining the smallest possible level of expense. His movies have been seen on Netflix and Amazon, sold in major retailers including Walmart, and distributed internationally in over twenty languages.  Kelly has also helped hundreds of local filmmakers in his community, through workshops and other educational programs. Moreover, he is a film producing instructor at the College of Southern Nevada.  On top of it all, Kelly is currently shooting a new feature narrative and documentary.

Kelly also offers one-on-one filmmaker consulting services, and is available for lectures and public speaking engagements. For more info visit here.